Fully Managed Hosting:
The Ultimate Guide

From individuals to enterprise, fully managed hosting is just better. Read on to see how using fully managed hosting actually saves you time and money compared to an unmanaged provider and learn the difference between fully managed vs. managed hosting.
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What is Fully Managed Hosting?

Fully Managed support is a service for your servers and software. This support is comprehensive and covers all functionality of your server and all software on it. Your server at RoseHosting has fully managed support included at no cost. You have a team of experts at the ready to help you set up your server exactly how you want it and fix things whenever something is wrong. Here's what we do:

Web Servers:

Reverse proxy setup and configuration
Setting PHP configuration
Installation of any supported web server
(LiteSpeed, Lighttpd, etc.)
Changes to .htaccess file
Apache optimization
Setup and configuration of Apache
Setup and configuration of Nginx
Multiple PHP versions with PHP-FPM
Nginx optimization

Database Servers:

MySQL optimization
PostgreSQL optimization
Inbound migration of databases
Installation and configuration of PostgreSQL
MariaDB optimization
Installation and configuration of MySQL
Installation and configuration of MariaDB
Adding/removing users and databases

Other Services:

Software installation and configuration
Package installation and configuration
Proactive monitoring & support for services
Attempting to fix failing services by analyzing
and diagnosing any potential problems
Updating software to the latest version
Email server installation and configuration
Control panel setup and management
Optimization of services for efficiency
and performance
Git integration
Git Automatic synchronization
Application stack setup (almost any stack)

Backup and Security:

Setting up database backups
Brute force prevention
Firewall setup
Implementing vulnerability patches
Setting up offsite backups to 
third-party backup services
Backup recovery
Security hardening
Malware scanning and cleaning
Setting up local backups

How Fully Managed Hosting Benefits Your Business

Fully managed hosting benefits are best shown when you aren't expecting it. You can think of it almost like insurance - you don't necessarily need it at all times, but it is an absolute lifesaver when you do inevitably need it.

Instead of trying to plan your support and then panicking when you need support but can't find any, having fully managed support bundled with your website hosting helps save you time when it's most valuable.

This especially holds true when you are using an unmanaged provider and you make a mistake, but you don't know what mistake you made or how to fix it.

You'll rush to find someone that can help, but it'll cost you potentially thousands of dollars when you need immediate support. Fully managed support is simple - you just start a chat or a ticket, and help is on the way.

Here's the difference between fully managed support and unmanaged hosting:
  • Unmanaged hosting: Provides the bare minimum for the server to function - everything else is on you.
  • Managed hosting: Provides some level of help, however they usually can't help with anything past a superficial level.
  • Fully Managed hosting: Provides an in-depth look into your server and its services, and proactively helps maintain your services so they run correctly.
fully managed support

How Unmanaged Hosting Affects Your Business

Slower Page
Load Times

When your server has lots of services that are not optimized for efficiency, your websites slow down and your conversion rate drops.

Unstable &
Crashing Services

Configuration files with mistakes in them, incompatible plugins, missing packages and other common mistakes causes your services to not start correctly or at all.

Weak Security

Negligence and not researching the latest vulnerabilities lets unwanted attackers into your websites or even your entire server, abusing your resources or taking your data for ransom.


Scrambling to fix an unexpected problem on your websites leads to mistakes and oversights as well as lost revenue while you search for an expert to help solve your problem.


Migrating your websites without knowing how your services connect to one another can cause configuration problems which slow your site down. That decreases your conversion rate.

Required Time

Spending time on maintaining your server takes that time away from more important tasks like managing your business, or even your personal time.

How is Fully Managed Support different from Managed Support?

When compared to regular managed hosting, fully managed hosting provides an additional layer of abilities and expertise that is simply out of the scope of work that regular managed support can provide.

Fully Managed hosting is better in every way, and here's why:

Initial Setup

Managed support is designed to provide you with the basics - your operating system, your software, and migrating your existing websites. That's where the convenience mostly ends however.

Fully managed support goes the extra step, giving you everything that managed support provides plus more. You get excellent service optimization, meant to maximize your server's resources and give you as much capacity as possible.

You also have in-depth support when you need it, even as far as investigating your error messages and finding out which file is causing the issue.

Fully managed support also allows for very complex applications to be set up, including Magento or ERPNext, or complex setups involving multiple servers and load balancers.

With fully managed support, you don't have to question whether the team can help you. You just tell them what you want done and it'll get done.
team of fully managed support setting up servers

Day-to-day Support

fully managed proactive monitoring
Having managed support is useful at the start, but its usefulness tapers off afterwards. You can only really get use out of it when you have downtime. Fully Managed support is more useful in your day-to-day hosting.

Proactive monitoring is a big deal, as fully managed teams use monitoring to find out that your site is down before you do. Most providers charge extra for this service, while it is usually included in a fully managed service such as ours.

Also, fully managed support is more in-depth with troubleshooting compared to managed support. Say for example your Magento service suddenly stops working after you install a plugin, and now you need help with finding the root cause of the issue. Is the plugin causing an issue, or did the plugin expose a different issue with your Magento website? With managed hosting, they won't look into the problem for you.

An additional benefit of fully managed support is migrating new websites later on. Let's say you gradually want to move more websites to your new fully managed provider over the course of a year. With fully managed support, it's no problem - the team will gladly move everything free of charge, as many times as you need. You might have to pay extra with just a managed provider.

Personalized Support

Most hosting providers, unmanaged or managed, see you as a number in their system. They aren't paying attention to who is hosting with them, and they don't remember your unique setup for even five minutes after setting it up.

A fully managed support experience like ours makes you the center of attention. Your setup is remembered by the team and any past support tickets are always reviewed when you need help with your server. With that, we won't recommend solutions that we have already tried before or implement something that conflicts with a previous request by mistake.

Your Own Personal IT Team

Maintaining your own website infrastructure and servers is a ton of work and takes a lot of time to get right. You need technical knowledge about software stacks, and potentially the operating system itself. Let's say you hire someone to help you with your server. The problem with this is that this person may eventually move on, become unresponsive, or change their price over time - not to mention their unfamiliarity with your specific setup.

When you opt for a fully managed service, there's a team of experts always at the ready to help you, included in the price of your server. The team never takes a collective vacation, or avoids replying to your emails. On top of that, your support and hosting costs never change over time here. Plus, as time goes on, we'll know exactly what was done on your server - this lets us optimize and set up your new requests while keeping any past support in mind.

The Cost of Fully Managed Hosting

Fully Managed support, when used regularly, will help you save support costs and even pay for itself over time. You don't need to hire anyone to help you manage dependencies, perform regular maintenance, or protect your website from security vulnerabilities. That saves you hundreds or thousands of dollars over time.

There's also no per-incident support with Fully Managed, which is where most support services try to get you to pay more. Instead, our support is completely unlimited - you can submit one ticket a month, or five tickets a day, or three tickets each week - whatever is needed for your website to work perfectly.

Keep in mind the additional add-on costs that are associated with regular managed support. Proactive monitoring, migrations, and service optimization are all often paid extras that are charged per request or per website. This snowballs into huge sums over time.

Simply put, you pay for the server. All support is included for free, for an unlimited number of requests, forever. Simple as that.

Choosing The Best Fully Managed Service

There's a handful of fully managed hosting providers to choose from. Some of these include their support at no extra cost, while others will charge you hundreds of dollars a month. However, across all of these providers, we recommend you check whether they can provide the level of support that you expect from a fully managed provider.

Check their website and see how transparent they are with their support features. They might only say that 24/7 support is included, which is not very specific. What does that support cover? We recommend asking them directly whether they can support the software stack that you plan on using, and what exactly they provide support for. This way you'll find out quickly who is really fully managed and who isn't.

Supported Applications/Stacks

A fully managed hosting provider should be able to provide support for almost any application that can run on the server. This would include installation, helping make sure the base application is working, as well as migrating any existing content from an existing installation elsewhere.

It's important to note that fully managed support doesn't necessarily provide in-depth support related to the content inside of the application. That area is usually out of the scope that even fully managed support covers since that is user-specific data and content, and is not part of the application itself.

While not every case can be covered, we still provide you with a much broader range of support and stacks that are supported, which is far more than regular managed support, and is not even covered in any way by unmanaged hosting.

Best-effort Help

While we strive and focus on providing the best fully managed servers in the industry, there is no guarantee that we'll be able to fix a problem that is unable to be identified or solved. We however will always give our best effort in attempting to fix the issue while taking any precautions necessary. 
fully managed support stacks
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  • I love RoseHosting so much, I kind of hate leaving a review. They are like a secret gem! Before them I was using a well known company and struggling. RoseHosting basically held my hand through all of my VPS Hosting so I could concentrate on what I’m good at, web design.
    Christina G.
  • They clearly have the best support for all companies i have been working with. You can chat with them anytime, friendly, supportive and it doesn't matter day or night. Good technical understanding. Keep up the good work guys!
    Jordie van H.
  • Customer Service is by far the best you would ever find anywhere. They are an amazing team willing to collaborate and explain in detail in order to help. The team of technicians are fast pace and quick at solving any issue. they are absolutely great professionals.
    Lery M.
  • I have tested more than 20 hosting services in the past at WHSR - RoseHosting is easily one of the top 3 in term of server quality by far.
    Jerry L.
  • I have been with RoseHosting for over a decade. After dealing with other hosts and being frustrated by their lack of support and knowledge it was refreshing to finally find a host that not only hired experts, but also valued customers.
    Lewis A.
  • RoseHosting has very nice support time I ever met! Excellent Support team! Even I am 6000 miles away from them! I hope you have more customers!
    Omer O.
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RoseHosting's Fully Managed Support
is unlike anything you've tried before.

Once you use our support, there's no going back.

Root Access

Root access and freedom over your own server is a basic right, especially since you pay for the server. Most fully managed providers will restrict access to your server to stop you from breaking things. We include it no matter what.

Fully Managed Support

Save time and money by having your entire server and software managed by our team of experts. You get total control over your server, and we don't change anything without your permission. All of this is included for free across all plans.

Enterprise NVMe Storage

The best optimization is faster hardware. We exclusively use PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD storage with the latest Intel® Xeon® Gold CPUs, which improves your site load times. This with our expert service optimization will make your websites load faster than ever before.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fully Managed hosting safer than regular or managed hosting?

In almost all cases, yes, using fully managed hosting will keep you safer than if you were to use a regular or managed hosting provider. A fully managed support team can better help prevent you from being vulnerable - this is done through keeping your server up-to-date, setting up firewall rules and access lists, installing malware protection and anti-virus software, setting up brute-force prevention tools, and more.

Is fully managed hosting useful for individuals?

Single users of a server can get good use from having a fully managed server. Users typically have the least amount of time to manage everything since they are typically looking after almost everything else that runs on the server (e.g., a website, their business, projects, etc.). Having the convenience of a fully managed hosting provider can't be overlooked since it would help save lots of time from the user that already has their hands full with their business, development, projects, and so on.

How can Fully Managed hosting benefit a small business?

We believe that small businesses benefit most from fully managed support. With businesses having many moving parts and with employees already having tasks and jobs to focus on, adding another point of failure to the system can cause problems for the business looking to own their own data on the Internet. That's where our fully managed server hosting is designed to excel the most. With our team of experienced Linux system administrators on-hand, we'll ensure that your business operations stay online and perform well - you can leave the hosting in the background and focus on running your business instead.

Does your fully managed support include migrations?

Yes, we include a completely free migration process with our fully managed support. This means we'll migrate an unlimited number of websites, services, data, databases, files, and more, all at no additional cost across all of our plans. View our migrations page to learn more.
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