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RoseHosting is a leading Linux hosting provider, serving thousands of clients world-wide since 2001.
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Who We Are

RoseHosting is a service of Rose Web Services LLC, a privately owned St. Louis, Missouri-based company, founded in 2001 with the vision of becoming a leading provider of business and personal web hosting solutions. By focusing on quality equipment, stability, and hand-holding customer support, we set ourselves apart from our competitors. We offer unique, user-friendly solutions for personal and business use.

RoseHosting was the first and only web hosting company in the world to offer commercial Linux virtual servers back in 2001. To verify this, feel free to check the archive.org archives. Then, check our competitors and see for yourself that they either did not exist or were only offering shared web hosting services at that time.

RoseHosting Values

No-overselling Policy

Many web hosting companies oversell bandwidth and space to make it appear that you are getting a fantastic deal. We never oversell bandwidth, disk space, or any other resource, so you can always rest assured that you are getting exactly what you pay for, a fantastic but at the same time a realistic and sustainable deal.

Employee Retention

We look after our employees to make sure that their experience on our support team is one of the best in the industry. By maintaining longer employment lifecycles, we can provide you with more experienced and better administrators that can fix your problems in record time.

Quality over Quantity

We prioritize a quality hosting experience with high-quality support above all else. While other providers might have a similar plan for cheaper, they either hide their true pricing in the fine print, or they won’t include all of the features that we include (such as our fully managed support). Our pricing is transparent so the price you pay initially will never change, not on renewal, not ever.
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In-House Operations

Instead of outsourcing our hardware to a bare-metal hosting provider to then resell to you, we always source our servers and hardware from manufacturers directly, and keep our hardware in our own data center. This maximizes the quality of the service that we provide, and guarantees that we control how the hardware is being provided to you, instead of a third party.
Best Managed Cloud Hosting Provider Since 2001

Server Hardware, Data Center and Network Information

All servers are located at our Data Center in St. Louis, Missouri and have at least the following specifications:

Latest Intel Xeon Gold CPUs or better
256 GB of DDR5 system RAM or more
Gigabit Ethernet Ports or better
Enterprise-grade NVMe storage

Our Data Center is in St. Louis, Missouri and has the following specifications:

Located in St. Louis, MO - less than 100 miles from the population center of the USA
Dual redundant Liebert air conditioning systems
Redundant dry fire extinguishing systems
Multiple 10 GigE, Gigabit and OC-3 connections through Verizon, Level3, Charter and CenturyLink
Redundant Gigabit Ethernet-based internal network, using Extreme Networks and Cisco equipment
Redundant, geographically dispersed connectivity to all of the world’s major backbones
Ultra fast backbone connectivity - extremely low latency and ping time

Our Awards and Recognitions

A List Of Awards And Recognitions We Have Received Since 2001
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VPS Hositing
Best Customer Service
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