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Your needs always come first. We are honest and transparent with pricing, and we never sacrifice our morals or cut corners. Every decision we make is guided by these core principles.

Relax, no matter where you are or what you are doing - your business is in good hands now.

Your satisfaction is at the core of everything we do

Our clients stay with us for decades and our teams are looking forward to getting to work every day.

To us, principles are as important as the end result, and this philosophy makes our services custom built for you.

What should you look for in a hosting company?

We believe trust, transparency, support, quality, purpose and value separate a good hosting company from the rest. These principles have become the core of how RoseHosting operates.


With commonplace quick-win and bait-and-switch tactics, the hosting industry lost its stellar reputation. So, how do you choose a hosting company you can trust?
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No arbitrary limitations 
No price change on renewal 


If a company offers 80% off their hosting, how long will that discount last? How much are you being overcharged in the first place?

Hosting discounts should recoup acquisition costs through long-term business. Since there is no need to sell that server space again, a fair and transparent host will extend such discounts for as long as you stay on their servers.

Setup and hidden fees should be non-existent, and any additional features should be clearly labeled with their true costs and benefits.


Whether you choose a fully-managed hosting provider or not, 24/7 customer service should be provided to you. You need to have someone to contact in case your server goes down.

Avoid websites that offer 24/7 support through AI-powered chat bots that don't solve real problems. This shows that the provider does not make an effort to provide true support to their clients.

You should have multiple methods of contacting your support team, day or night. This includes a live chat with a human, or email support.

This is something we strongly believe in as your hosting is only as good as the support team that stands behind it.


Server stability is key in ensuring your site is visible when your customers are looking for you. High quality equipment and a good network infrastructure ensure maximum uptime.

If your hosting company is unwilling to share their technical specifications, consider looking elsewhere. High quality equipment specs will give you a good idea if the provider is investing in their equipment or just their sales and advertising.

Take note of cutting edge equipment such as PCIe 4.0 NVMe storage, as those are newly released parts and should be advertised front and center.


Does the hosting provider have a purpose beyond simply selling hosting and making a profit? Most budget companies function this way. Make note of the benefits that your host may be including.

Customer-oriented support and loyalty are great reasons to stay with a provider. Being nurtured by a dedicated support team makes all the difference on your business growth and success.


Look at what value your hosting plan offers rather than just the raw cost of the servers as this can often save you precious time and money. Look for a hosting provider that competes on value, rather than price.

Pay extra care to potential small print hidden costs or cheapest price shown alongside their premium features. Plans with premium features cost a lot more than the cheapest priced option. Disingenuous tactics like these can make you spend more than you planned in the long run. It all boils down to having the same transparent pricing and value today, tomorrow, next year, and forever.

The Questions
You Really Want To Ask

How can you afford to offer such value?

We are a privately owned company, with no external investors and no debts. We can afford to work a little harder, wait a little longer, and set our prices a little lower if it will mean happier long term customers. We have no shareholders or board of trustees to answer to each quarter. We don’t need to spend millions on needless advertising, to showcase artificial growth. Our time and effort is spent on making clients such as you happy.

We work towards steady and incremental growth, rather than an exponential explosion, which would severely limit our capacity to provide the same quality of equipment and support to our newest customers. Our customers mean everything to us and that’s a line we’re simply unwilling to cross.

We have prioritized a quality hosting experience with high-quality support over all else since the very beginning. This quality over quantity approach means that whilst other providers may have a similar plan for cheaper, they will inevitably hide their true pricing in the fine print or won’t include all of the features which will become a sore point in the future. Instead of competing on price, we pride ourselves on offering you the best value hosting on the market.

What exactly are arbitrary limitations in hosting?

Whenever we see a hosting company offer overly-cheap plans allowing you to host a single website, with 10,000 monthly visitors and 50,000 page views, we ask ourselves… why? Any of our plans might be able to run hundreds or sites or part of a single bigger site, depending on what your specific needs are. If you pay for a VPS of a certain size, we feel that you should be entitled to use all of the resources you fairly paid for.

We never impose arbitrary limitations, but only follow the physical limitations of your server resources. If you’re unsure, go with a lower tier plan and let your website traffic volume and server resources tell you when it’s time to upgrade. Alternatively, feel free to contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help tailor fit a plan to your unique needs.

On the other end of the spectrum, many companies will oversell bandwidth and space to make it appear as if you’re getting a great deal. With our no-overselling policy, we will never push bandwidth, disk space or any other resource which you do not actually need, so you can rest assured that you are getting exactly what you pay for and paying exactly for what you need.

What do you mean by transparent pricing?

Have you ever noticed how many hosting companies offer you an unrealistic 60% off or even 80% off discounts? This is because these discounts are a temporary hook. They’re designed to get you to sign up on impulse and then charge you extra when your renewal period ends, for that same long period of hosting and sometimes even a month earlier with a no-refund clause.

RoseHosting discounts are for life! If we promise you 10% off when you sign up, you’re still getting that same original price with the same 10% off each time you renew. No price hikes. No discount removals.

Furthermore, if we’re ever forced to increase our pricing due to external reasons, you won’t pay a cent more than you have when you first signed up with us. That’s our transparent pricing guarantee! We worked out the fairest possible deals we could to ensure that you are truly happy for the long haul. It’s not a “bait and switch tactic”, but a “make sure you’re happy so that you won’t ever want to leave” tactic, because we’ll provide you with exactly what you want.

What does overselling resources mean?

Just like an airline might sell 110 seats on a plane that only has 100, hoping that 10 people will cancel or not make their flight, so too do many hosting providers oversell their resources hoping that every website won’t use those same resources to their full allowance.

Most often this is a calculated risk with a low chance of occurring, but if companies get greedy and oversell too aggressively, that risk increases drastically. Worse still, if your server database goes down, not only will your site be impacted by downtime which can cost you a lot of money, but it can also cause database corruption, which might make certain elements unrecoverable.

To avoid this risk, as small as it may be in some instances, we have a strict no overselling policy. When you get a RoseHosting VPS or dedicated server, the resources are yours and only yours to use to their capacity.

What exactly does fully-managed mean?

Fully-managed hosting refers to the support service which you get along your hosting as opposed to a managed or unmanaged servers, where everything is on you. The term fully-managed can be loosely used in the hosting industry, but at RoseHosting fully-managed means your website gets everything, including the kitchen sink. We optimize your servers to give your site every last bit of speed, stability and performance at no hidden cost.

From the initial setup, unlimited service and data migrations and installations, to configuration and optimization of your servers and all the software that is needed to run your site. If it’s physically possible, we install everything for you. We also make sure all the parts play well together, no matter how difficult or time consuming the task. Security features, backups and proactive monitoring are also included giving you complete white-glove no-worries management and maintenance of your servers. It’s like having an IT team you never knew you needed, available 24/7 - in seconds.

What are the server and data center specifications at RoseHosting?

Packing quality into everything we do, we also make sure that instead of outsourcing our hardware to a bare-metal hosting provider to then resell to you, we always source our servers and hardware from manufacturers directly, and keep our hardware in our own data center. This maximizes the quality of the service that we provide, and guarantees that we control how the hardware is being provided to you, instead of a third party. By transferring to RoseHosting today, you’ll get hosted on our premium equipment which include:

·Latest Generation Dell PowerEdge rack servers
·Latest Intel Xeon Gold CPUs or better
·256 GB of DDR5 system RAM or better
·Enterprise-grade PCIe 4.0 NVMe storage
·Gigabit Ethernet Ports or better
·High-performance N+1 redundant network, power and HVAC systems
·Dual redundant Liebert air conditioning systems to keep your server cool
·Redundant dry fire extinguishing systems
·Multiple 10GigE Gigabit and OC-3 connections through Verizon, Level3, Charter and CenturyLink
·Redundant Gigabit Ethernet-based internal network, using Extreme Networks and Cisco equipment
·Redundant, geographically dispersed connectivity to all of the world’s major backbones
·Ultra fast backbone connectivity, extremely low latency and ping time
·St. Louis based data center. Less than 100 miles from the population center of the USA

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